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Image by Nathan Duck

Do you love animation but don’t have time to keep up with all the new movies and episodes? 

Or perhaps you eat, breathe, and sleep animation. But everyone in your life looks at you like you have three heads and tentacles growing out of your back when you bring it up in conversation?

Or maybe... You've gone to watch a movie, one that you were so excited for, only to end up in a room full of children staring at you as if you are the only adult in the world that enjoys animation... Let's be honest, we all know animation is a medium-full of wonder - and not always safe for kids.


Regardless, we have your back! We know how it feels and we’re here to scratch that itch.


Laugh Your Ass Off with Your Hosts

Sara Sadri

Drawn to art, colors, and animation since before she could walk has always had a love for mystical worlds, compelling characters, and gripping stories. She loves to share her passion with others and spends her free time immersed in the arts! When the idea of SAGA started forming between her and Garrison, she couldn't pass it up! Now, it makes her week!


Garrison Wortham

A twisted sense of humor at the ready loves diving deep to dissect characters and stories. He can't help but pull back layers -finding hidden humor and buried themes in new and old animation alike. Never limited by the “box”, Garrison sees things in a new and creative way and loves sharing his thoughts with others!

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